Climbing Anytime in June/July

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Climbing Anytime in June/July

Post by westtsai2006 » Mon May 17, 2010 10:44 pm


I am coming to Cape Town on June 6th-9th then will be here again from June 28th-July 16th. I'd love to climb as much as I can between watching World Cup games. I am about 26th coming from Texas and my friend who is also a climber from Canada will be with me for a week. We would love to climb and meet new friends while we are here. I've always dreamed to see the Rocklands but I hear there are many great places all around CT to climb. We sport climb at about 5.10b-d level (she is a better at 5.11), lead at 5.9-10a level. I think that converts to S. Africa scale of 20-21. I've never lead on a trad climb but I know how to second/clean and do multi-pitch routes.

Also, lodging has been really difficult to find in S. Africa due to the WC games. All the hotels are charging 3-4x the normal prices. If anyone is renting a room or something please let me know. I think I'm pretty respectful and easy-going roommate. Thank you so much for any help!

Look forward to being in beautiful Cape Town!

Jess :thumleft:

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Re: Climbing Anytime in June/July

Post by RobF » Thu May 20, 2010 4:23 pm

Hi Jess,

My wife and I have just moved to Cape Town from the UK. We have a nice 3 bed house in Marina de Gama with a room to rent short term. The room is furnished, the house is lovely and the area safe and quiet.

One of the reasons that we chose the Marina is it is so close to Silvermine and other crags. We both climb, although not to a very high grade yet!

If you are intrested either contact us here or email



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Re: Climbing Anytime in June/July

Post by mattwood » Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:31 pm

Hay there jess!!

I live in Fish Hoek. best place as most crags are about 10min drive. also looking for climbing partner in the area. I climb about the same grade. Give me a call when you down here and maybe the weather will let us out to the crags! haha

Keep well. look foreward to hearing from you.

Matt 0833976264

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Re: Climbing Anytime in June/July

Post by mokganjetsi » Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:10 am

some friends of mine are going to rocklands for 5days from the 30th (june) - will pm contact details if you'd like to make contact with them.

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Re: Climbing Anytime in June/July

Post by Phi » Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:37 pm

Hey Jess, I'm hoping you've already figured out something for accomodation by now, but if not you can get a crappy apartment at Aquarius Apartments (Milner Rd in Sea Point, < 3km from the stadium, not that that matters anymore) for ~R950/week. It's a bit run down, but you get your own bathroom w shower, mini-balcony, in-room cooking facilities. After a week I cheaped out and switched to one of the "cottages" for R100/night, but I can't really recommend them. Some backpackers I met in Joburg got in to District 6 Backpackers (< 1.5km from the Fan Park) and, although they're paying different rates on different days, thye're all less than R150/night. Looks like a pretty nice place with views of Table Mountain if you press your face up against the window. They say R395/night on a chalkboard outside, but I just booked in there for 3 nights at ~R105/night ($14.30 CAD) via ... mber.37184
Anyway, on to the climbing! I really want to climb here, have transportation, but have no rope (or belayer) and I'm a far weaker climber (5.9 top rope, 5.7 sport lead, never done multi-pitch). Sounds like you've got better options in the replies, but if you're still looking, maybe we can rent a rope somewhere? *shrug*

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