Rope lost at Legoland

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Rope lost at Legoland

Post by Brent » Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:06 am

On the Easter weekend a rope was left at Legoland. If anyone found it, please let me know. It was packed in a purple 'Granite' rope bag.

There were two parties of people climbing at the crag at the time. Both parties had two guys and a girl, one party seemed to be Dutch speaking. They would have seen the bag at the base of Eddy of Bovidence and may have picked it up.

I suppose there's always the finders keepers thing, but I guess a (naiive?) part of me wants to believe climbers are still capable of some level of ethical behaviour. Although it seems there is less and less of this at the sport crags these days... if the litter, cigarette butts, turds and toilet paper are anything to go by.

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