A week in Durban

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A week in Durban

Post by ukneal » Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:34 pm

Hi Friendly Durban Climbers
Will be in durban for a week (friday 12th -19th March). I'm relatively new to the sport and was hoping to meet with some fellow newbie climbers whilst in town, or alternatively join new climbers on skill development/coaching. Also if you're a coach/instructor and have some time and space where i could get some lessons that would also be of interest. I haven't climbed outdoors at all (the rain/wind/cold/rain/wind/cold/snow/rain/cold/sleet/rain/frost/rain in the uk generally precludes that sort of activity, so would like to enjoy some of that amazing durban weather outside at some stage if possible). I can be reached on n3alnaidoo at gmail dot com should anyone like to get in touch other than via the forum.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to meeting you.

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