Weekly Higgovale Climbing Partner

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Weekly Higgovale Climbing Partner

Postby DavidRob » Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:24 pm

Hi Guys -

Beginner climber (18/19 lead max) seeks competent and safety orientated climbing partner for Higgovale quarry -

I'm 23 and pretty competent although I don't really get to go climbing as much as I want to hence the ad... :afro: I started climbing at the quarry and there are still one or 2 routes I would like to finish on lead before I graduate up further (ie the nefarious crack and the 18 next to it....)

Preferably looking for one or 2 days during the week pref morning because I start work at 12ish..... :puker:

I have brand new rope, draws and a spare size 10 shoes (used) but youll need your own harness......

Regards - David 0736646981 or david.robertson67@gmail.com :thumright

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