Montagu rock rally climbing partner needed

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Montagu rock rally climbing partner needed

Post by stevemurphy » Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:53 pm

Hello. I'm interested in going to the Montagu rock Rally but dont have a climbing partner. I'm new to Cape Town so havent met that many climbers yet. If anyone is in CT and wants to enter let me know. I'm not competetive or particularly good at climbing, but it looks like fun. I'm in CT so we can do a few practice climbs, and have a bakkie to share transport.

I'll probably be entering the cycle and run if its possible to do all 3.

stephenmurphysa at gmail dot com

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Re: montague rock rally climbing partner needed

Post by neadek » Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:38 pm

hi steve

i'm going with a few ppl. as things stand this year you don't need a fixed climbing buddy. so you could join us. I'm part of the mcsa and we arrange meets from time to time. plug in to those if you keen to meet some climbers.

send me a mail and I'll get you on the mail list

neadek at bridgehouse . org . za

We climbing in Montagu on the weekend of 1-3 may. you welcome to join. mail me for details

climb like there is nothing else worth doing...

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