Climbing Partners April-June/July all over SA

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Climbing Partners April-June/July all over SA

Post by nicksen » Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:26 pm

Hey there,
I am a German climber traveling SA for about 3-4 months. First I am off to Namibia but I'll be in SA by the beginning of April. I thought about stopping at Rocklands/Clanwilliam on my way down to Cape Town. After Cape Town I wanna climb as much as possible in areas all over the country, such as Table Mountain, Montagu, Boven, Drakensberg, ...
I lead up to SA 19 in sport and toprope/second climb up to 21 when I'm in shape ;)
unfortunately I wont be able to bring any gear but my harness, shoes, a couple of biners and my belaying device because by backpack would get too heavy then.
So if anyone is interested, pm me or send me an email to nicksen at gmx dot net
cheers Nick

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