climbing partner in January '08

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climbing partner in January '08

Post by Geenie » Mon Nov 05, 2007 9:54 pm

Hey I'm a 19 year old guy from Germany (originally from the USA)
I'll be visiting S. Africa in January. My status is Backpacker and I pretty much have no obligations and subsequently tons of time.

Who would like to climb / go bouldering with me? Maybe even rent a car together and go on prolonged climbing trips to the Rocklands? I don't have a rope, though I would be willing to split costs on a cheap one. I also don't have a crashpad, but again, I would be willing to split the costs.

I'm moving in the 29 climbing and 8A bouldering range.

Also if you know of any places where I might find people to go climbing with who are in a similar situation as myself please let me know. My home base will be Cape Town, but I hope to drive up to the Rocklands and camp there for a couple weeks.

Thanks for any help :D

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climbing partner in January '08

Post by DirkSmith » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:11 am


I live in Jo-burg and also will have no obligations during January.

You are welcome to e-mail me:


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Post by Steffi » Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:28 am

Hi there,
I´ll be in SA in January, too, but only from 24. to 31. I´m also looking for climbing/bouldering partners.

My bouldering is up to 7b/c, it depends.
Oh, I´m German, 23 years old, girl.

I am travelling through Africa, my trip ends with that week in Cape Town. For that reason, I will be there with rope and rack, but no crashpad.

Please contact me:
But be aware: I might be not able to answer your mails immediately. I leave for my trip tomorrow, but I try to check my mails every 1or2 weeks.


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