Climbing in Cape Town (the next 6 months)

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Climbing in Cape Town (the next 6 months)

Post by JeremyB » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:27 pm

Hello everyone,

I am French and I will be in CT for the next 6 months.
For different reasons, I have plenty of time to spend in climbing during this 6 months (weekdays included).

If someone (South African or foreigner) is available to climb, it will be a pleasure to share few hours or few days of climbing.
I am used to climb until 7a in France (23 - 24 in your grade if I am not wrong) in sports climbing. I do also lot of trad climbing (maybe not at the same grade). I do lot of mountaineering and multi-pitches climbing. I brought as many gears as I could which means a single rope (60m), few quickdraws, few camalots (probably not enough for a multi pitch trad climbing) and plenty of runners.

Moreover, as I am living near Paris in France, I used to boulder in Fontainebleau and I will really enjoy to join some people who want climb in Rocklands (in order to compare the probably 2 best places in the world to do bouldering).

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are free to climb.
Phone: +27 (60) 712 6960

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Re: Climbing in Cape Town (the next 6 months)

Post by ElieDaher » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:38 pm

Hey what's up Jeremy. I'll be arriving in Cape Town the 9th of January and looking for a climbing partner. I will only have sport climbing gear. I do trad but can't travel with the gear. I climb up to 7A and looking to do a lot of climbing. Message me on whatsapp if you'd like to meet up and climb some rocks. I'll have a motorbike to get around. +16263910758

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Re: Climbing in Cape Town (the next 6 months)

Post by Sanneke » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:19 pm

Hi Jeremy, I also have a lot of time during the week to climb. Have only climbed sport and only up to 22. I also enjoy climbing at the gym during the week. Send me an app if you're interested 0031612323165. Sanneke

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