Climbing Partners Cape Town December-January

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Real Name: Yonatan Wolowelsky

Climbing Partners Cape Town December-January

Post by grmmph » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:19 pm

Hey all!
I'm Yonatan. An Israeli digital nomad looking for climbing partners everywhere I go!
I'll be in Cape Town from December 11th for a month or so and want to get as much climbing as possible from the wonderful Table Mountain and surrounding.

I climb up to 6b on sport climbing, and even though I have very basic trad gear I havn't done much of it but would love to level up my skills and join some people!

I am available on WhatsApp at: +49 157 506 33 174 or on Facebook at: Yonatan Wolowelsky

Is there any facebook/whatsapp group for CT climbers?

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