Working in a Summer Camp USA

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Working in a Summer Camp USA

Post by Awesome » Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:35 pm

To any one out there that has thought of spending a summer in the US we may have the solution. The Camp USA program enables selected university students, teachers, bona fide youth workers and other individuals with specialized skills(climbing) to gain a greater understanding of the United States via an 8-15 week experience at an American summer camp. Camp allows the participants to obtain practical work experience, develop lifelong friendships. It also provides them with the opportunity to work alongside their American peers and travel to other parts of the country after completing their camp placements. After their summer experience in the United States, participants return to their home countries with an increased knowledge of and appreciation for U.S. culture and society.

You can go as a general counselor where you work with the campers all day and do different activities all day or you can go as a specialty counselor where you teach one activity like climbing, ropes, soccer, golf, tennis, lifeguarding. This does require specific skills before you get to camp. So being able to rock climb would definitely make it easier to place you.

Our summer camp program is a cultural exchange program that allows young South Africans to travel to the US and sample the American way of life while working as a counselor in an American summer camp. Counselors serve as role models, big brother or sister, teacher, friend and mentor. Camp is well suited to the first time traveler and is one of the most affordable ways to kick start your world travels. The Camp USA program offers subsidized packages, free food, accommodation and a reasonable salary for you to use after camp to travel. You need to be at least 19 years old, have strong childcare experience, fluent English speaker and be able to work from early May/mid June to late August.

For more information: Contact Brendan
Tel:011 759 5199

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