Planet Telex beta?

Swop tips on moves, route conditions, etc.
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Greg Hart

Planet Telex beta?

Post by Greg Hart » Fri Nov 18, 2005 9:45 am

Anyone have beta for 'Planet Telex' in Echo Valley? Need help!
:? Also if anyone has space on their server to give to Evan Wierx so that he can put those cool animated gifs back up it would make me smile :D

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Post by Guy » Fri Nov 18, 2005 12:44 pm

Hi Greg

Firstly I haven't done PT - I'd like to blame a stuffed wrist, but it's probably more like weakness etc. However, I know how to do it.

Sit start on the right, do a couple of easy moves, then you're at the business. There are two options:

1. Long reach with LH into small positive undercling, then move RH to jug quickly

2. LH on sloper and cross RH to undercling, then easy move to jug with LH.

Finally, bear in mind that it's full value for 7a!



Evan Wiercx

Post by Evan Wiercx » Sat Nov 19, 2005 4:13 am

Hi Greg

Server space is not the issue on ... I don't know why those old animated GIF's aren't available on my site anymore - I thought they were. If not, then probable cause is this cursed work thing - keeps getting in the way of climbing and web admin. I'll do my best to get them loaded up again, and will let you know when done.

Good luck with Planet Telex - ultra-cool problem!



Greg Hart

Post by Greg Hart » Mon Nov 21, 2005 1:02 pm

:D Hey thanks guys! Now to shake this wrist injury and get up it!

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