Devil's Deciple (at Bronkies)

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Devil's Deciple (at Bronkies)

Postby shorti » Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:45 am

It's one of those notorious Ian & Ken routes, sandbagged or maybe even cement bagged. You will probably chuckle in delight at our mere mortal's suffering, but I'll shove my pride in my chalk bag and ask. Are you serious about Devil's Deciple's grade? 21! jikes! That thing is bloody hard - I think quite a bit harder than Hello Clarice right next to it. Mind you, it is quite a lekker route. Well bolted, lots of different stuff, about 4 cruxes and the rest not much easier. All in all very interesting. May I propose a new name - how about Mantle Hell? Just kidding. Anyway, I'll return...

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