Klein Winterhoek frontal

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Klein Winterhoek frontal

Post by Brussel » Tue Oct 09, 2007 2:55 pm

Hi Folks,

I am keen to head out to do the frontal route early November and am looking for as much info as possible regarding the route.

RD for the climb.
Any access issues.
Details of the walkin and walkout.

any and all info you can let me have would be awesome.

Happy climbing,

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RD and access for Klein Winterhoek

Post by MIKESCOTT » Tue Oct 09, 2007 3:45 pm

Hi Brent,
Please e-mail me at scottmj@telkomsa.net and I will send you an RD.
The access through the Zeeman's farm is currently a bit tricky and is unresolved with the family. I will check with the MCSA about what is best at present and let you know.
Mike Scott

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klein winterhoek Frontal - Access and RD

Post by adamr » Tue Oct 09, 2007 8:07 pm

Hi Brent,
I should be able to one-up Mike. Mail me at adamr@sim.sanlam.com - i'll send you RD and photo with the route on it. Also details of the walk-in.

Access through the Zeemans farm is not an option at the moment. However the neighbouring farmer Jan Theron of Remhoogte is happy for us to access the mountain through his farm PROVIDED we do the following:
1/ email him to make sure it's ok for when you want to go. His email is jan_theron@hotmail.com
2/ get a permit from Cape Nature Conservation. Klein Winterhoek is actually in the Groot Winterhoek wilderness area. This is really important - the farmers can only grant us access through their land, not the right to be in the wilderness area. This is an express condition of our being able to access the mountain through the Therons' farm.
3/ Drive out there at a reasonable time, park where they ask you to park, don't bogger with anything on the farm, and try and be back at your car to leave at a reasonable time too. You may end up parking in part of the farm that is behind a gate that they need to lock, so please don't get back to your car at 1am after an epic and go waking people up to let you out. If you do have an epic rather stay another night and leave the next morning.

Klein Winterhoek access has been an issue for as long as climbers have been going there and we need to not fluff this.

I'll download the google earth pics and draw in the walk-in. I'll make sure Jan has a copy so he can mail it to anyone who wants to go but in the meantime maybe mail me first.

Last time I did the frontal (about this time last year) we actually took Jan up the route. He had never climbed before but styled up the route - not bad for a fruit farmer from tulbagh. Anyway he got so psyched on climbing he got kitted and is champing at the bit to climb, so if you really want to promote access to klein winterhoek - take him climbing some time!


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Re: Klein Winterhoek frontal

Post by DolphinDawie » Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:06 am

Does anyone have a topo for Klein Winterhoek frontal?

I 'once' had a pdf but no longer.

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