water on blouberg

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water on blouberg

Post by Ray » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:35 pm

Anyone been up the blouberg recently? Want to know if there is adequate water at the cave.


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Re: water on blouberg

Post by Hector » Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:26 pm

Three weekends ago there was plenty of water. Probably a bit more now.

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Re: water on blouberg

Post by SNORT » Wed Mar 11, 2015 7:14 am

Why on earth anyone wants to stay at the cave when just 10 minutes before you camp next to a swimming pool near the Dogstar overhang. That cave just reeks of misplaced testosterone.

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Re: water on blouberg

Post by Uwe » Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:21 pm

The remainders of Hectors rack which was eaten by some weird disease were dissolved in the lower pools on top.

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