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Archeological find in Upper Tonquani

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:39 am
by shorti
Sunday 20 September 2009. While chowing down on some tuna with my nut pick at the lunch spot in Upper Tonquani, something caught my eye in the middle of the circle of sitting stones. I started digging immediately with a stick (but replaced it with my nut pick when I finished my tuna) and uncovered "sharp tools" indicating that this must be the stash of a Homo erectus. The tools seems to be made mostly from glass, which would indicate that these ape-men were more "advanced" than previously thought to be and the knowledge of glass is much older than previously believed to be. Interestingly there also seems to be attempts at forging weapons from tin. One can clearly see how they folded the metal, hammered it down and placed it over fire. Another artifact found is a disk shaped object made from what looks unmistakeably like plastic. Early speculation between myself and my team classified this disk to be a lip ornament. Some ancient cultures used to stretch their bottom lip by placing a disk between the lip and the lower front teeth. The size of the uncovered disk is of considerable size, indicating that this must have been an Ape-man of stature. To give an indication, it was exactly the same size and shape as a common lid of a Game can (strangely it is also the same colour). We also found what looked like traditional Cape flats weapons - conical shaped, made from glass with very sharp and jagged edges to thrust into the bowels of an assailant. We have excavated roughly 1kg, but there might be more, so tread lightly to not cause any damage (to your feet that is, the glass are quite sharp still). If you have any information about this find or believe it belongs to you, please contact me an I will gladly "return" it to where the sun don't shine.

Re: Archeological find in Upper Tonquani

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:27 pm
by peanut
Must be those damn monkey!!
They've gotten so smart over the years, breaking into tents and rucksacks....
They even fooled you.. buried their trash and made you believe it was put there by ancient advanced civilization!!
Damn Monkeys....

Re: Archeological find in Upper Tonquani

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:47 pm
by mokganjetsi
please bring my lipdisc along when you visit - thought i lost it....