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Nameless hardmen and hardwoman

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 11:36 pm
by Pat
What a fantastic achievement. The SA team led by Peter Lazarus with Marianne Pretorius, Andreas Kiefer and James Pitman came within two pitches (out of 30) of the summit of Nameless Tower before bad weather and the loss of some gear forced them back to base camp. They will make the summit push this weekend. True pioneers in the history of SA climbing. Big wall at 6000m = big attitude. We dig you, guys and gal! Tons of inspiration for the next 22 at Boven! Check out to give them your support for the final push. :D :) :o :shock: :? :( :cry: :oops: :P :evil: :twisted: :roll: :shock: :D :D

SA team summited yesterday

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 2:13 pm
by ClimbZA
No details available yet as they will be camping at the shoulder for the next couple of days while cleaning up, the summit report is expected on their return to Base Camp.