Shoes and water bottle ledges area

Did you forget you favourite boots at the crag? Or, did you find some quickdraw on the 4th bolt of some route?
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Shoes and water bottle ledges area

Post by Spike » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:15 pm

Not really found but......

When I was busy at TM on monday there was a guy telling everybody that would listen about this pair of shoes and water bottle that he saw on a ledge from out the cable car. He saw the stuff a week previously and apparently on monday it was still there. I overheard him at the upper cable station and again at the bottom, and he even came over to Metro 1 and told everybody there as well
(he was under the impression the stuff was left by a jumper and was getting worked up, probably because of the body recovery activity that was going on at the time)

So if you left a pair of shoes and a water bottle on a ledge somewhere below the cable station, and still feel like walking up to fetch them, then they are still where you left them apparently.

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