Wolfberg: Pecking Duck 18

Did you forget you favourite boots at the crag? Or, did you find some quickdraw on the 4th bolt of some route?
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Wolfberg: Pecking Duck 18

Post by ant » Mon May 26, 2014 9:58 am

The front cracks (Celestial / Energy Crisis area) have long been lacking a good, straight mid-grade.

Pecking Duck is 18, and is consistent at the grade for 3 long pitches.
I hid the RD on the wiki last year, but here is a short punt. Please send feedback.

Pecking Duck (18) ****
Mildred has long been topless. Pecking Duck completes the line with something a little spicier than its classic neighbour ‘Little Red Rooster’
P1: 17 (35m) As for Mildred. Climb the arête to the right of LRR. After 20m, at the overhang, step right around the corner before continuing to the top.
OR: 20 (35m) Start 4m right of the arête, on a pedestal and up a thin seam, and straight up cracks to join Mildred at half-height. Step around the corner and continue to the top as for Mildred.
P2: 18 (35m) Start 3m right of LRR, and trace LRRs pitch 2 and 3. Face-climbing leads to a right-facing open book, and a headwall ramp leads the stance.
P3: 15 (15m) LRR’s final pitch arcs right-to-left via gargoyles. Instead, climb directly diagonally up and left over the void, via an overlap and clean orange rock to the summit.
FA: Ant Hall, Moritz Thilo, David Nel, Matthew Young; Dec 2013

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