Hilti Drills, almost new

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Hilti Drills, almost new

Post by noki » Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:00 pm

Hi there

I have access to two Hilti drills, both of them have hardly been used (one apparently only for show, hasn't even drilled a hole yet).
These are both Hilti 36V drills, the absolute meanest baddest drills out there. One is NiCad and one LiIon.
These are the current prices from Hilti on new drills:
TE7A R8327
Battery R3948
Charger R1242
Total 13517

TE6A R7292
Battery R3055
Charger R2290
Total 12637

I can get the drills at apprximately 33% discount.

I am also in the position to supply a cheaper NiCad battery and charger for the TE6A, probably in the vicinity of R1500, which would halve the cost of the battery with charger after discount.
I can also supply a 36V10Ah LiIon battery for either of these drills (the Hilti battery is 3.9Ah, so this would give 2 1/2 times the battery life of the LiIon battery, at about 1.5 times the discounted price.
The added advantage to these is that the batteries are removed from the drill, giving better handling while hanging from your fingertips...

The reason I am not giving exact prices here is that I just need to sort out whether I was given prices which include or exclude VAT.

I will also look at allowing people to pay off the drills, without charging the kind of interest the banks charge.

If you are interested in one of these drills, give me a ring on 0833799145. This offer is only valid until Friday 13 Aug 2010, 16h00.

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