Rope Care and Maintenance

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Rope Care and Maintenance

Postby timmy » Tue Nov 29, 2005 12:44 pm

As there seems to be many different views on rope care and maintenance, I have contacted all the major rope manufacturers and asked them to clear up a few things, this is what I have so far, will update when new info arrives:

Stephen Parola - New England Ropes
Antoine Auffret - Beal
Philippe - Edelweiss Ropes

Wash: -
Q: I only use cold water, how beneficial is it to use a light detergent ?
A: A light detergent will help get out any grains of dirt (or salt). These grains of dirt will act as an abrasive when the rope is worked, cutting into the fibers.
A: It is better to use a light detergent, because it aids in the elimination of dirt and is more effective than just plain water.
A: Cold water is fine to wash your rope. If it is very dirty you can use some detergent for delicate textile. It is then of course necessary to rinse well.

Q: Should a washing machine be used or washed manually ?
A: Manual is the safest way. In washing machines people have had problems with the rope coming out of the wash bag and getting damaged or damaging the machine.
A: It does not matter. In both cases ensure that you use water cooler than 30 °C., it is In A washing machine better to protect your rope. You can put it in a pillowcase or a thin fabric bag for exemple.
A: You are welcome to use a washing machine (cold water, program for delicate textile). We recommend however to put the rope in a pillow case before you put it in the washing machine.

Rather use a detergent that is made specifically for your rope by the manufacturer.
Never use a fabric softener!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember, if you look after your rope and avoid excess dirt there will be no need to wash it.
Always use a ground sheet to avoid exsess dust, mud and other dirt from contaminate your rope.

Dry: -
Q: Should a rope be flaked out in a cool dry dark place or should it be hung on a clothing rack in a dry cool place ?
A: Aope should be stored in a cool, dry , dark place.
A: It is better on a clothing rack in a dry cool place not over 35 °C
A: You should hang it in a dry place, away from heat sources. A fan is OK.

Q: Can I use a fan to speed up the drying process ?
A: To dry something you need air flow so a fan could help. Or you could hang it out side (perhaps under a tree so that you do not have a lot of direct sun light on the rope) to let nature help. The one thing you should avoid is using a dryer.
A: A fan will help speed up the drying process. Under no condition should a fan with a heating element be used because the air of the fan is to hot and it may damage the structure of the Polyamide with wich the rope is made
A: A fan is OK

Q: How long after I have washed a rope does it take to dry properly and when can I use it safely ? 2-3days or 2-3 weeks ?
A: It all depends on the humidity, high humidity will take a lot longer.
A: It depends on the temperature and the humidity of the area were you let your rope to dry. If it is dry and about 20° C with air wich circulates 1 or 2 days will be enough.
A: It is not possible for us to state a time to dry a rope as it depends from the environment.
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Postby timmy » Wed Nov 30, 2005 11:35 am

Storage: -
Q: Should a rope be coiled & hung or flaked out and left lying in a rope bag ?
A: No Comment
A: No mater. There are no consequences. It is up to you.
A: You should best coil and hang your rope, or leave it in a rope bag (if it is not wet of course!). Just left on the ground is not a good idea, particularly if it is a concrete ground. If you place it over a piece of fabric, not directly in contact with the ground, then yes you can leave it there.

Always store in cool dry place away from sunlight!
If anyone has more to add or has further questions, please mail me and I will update this posting. :)

Mammut got back to me on the care and maintinence of ropes, they sent me a 33 page pdf file,..... if anyone wants a copy, just mail me and I will get it to you...
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