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What harness

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 1:06 pm
by Mark
I have a petzyl corax, the leg loops on the inside of the thigh are very thin (to improve movement I guess) but after a days climbing (both falling and hanging on my harness) I end up with bruises and sore legs. So I am looking at buying a more comfortable harness, I will gladly suffer a little less movement (marketting BS) for more comfort. Which harness is generally accepted as comfortable (I see the black diamond harnesses have nice thickly padded leg loops and the straps no longer need to be doubled back). Thanks

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 2:03 pm
by African Climber
Hey Mark,
unusual to hear someone complain about the corax. I've had mine for ages and I personally think it is the best thing since sliced bread. I am retiring mine now and going to buy another.
Many of my friends have Black Diamond harnesses, from what I gather some are a little more comfy( I suppose personal opinion falls into it), expecially on long multi-pitch climbs where you tend to hag about the stance for ages.

I sugest that you go to an equipment store and request a fitting of the harness and a hang test. most good shops will have that sort of thing set up. Sit in the harness for a while, 30 min. This should give you a fair idea of how the harness will feel.

Let me know how it pans out, maybe I will change brand and model.
Wish it was that easy with my wife ! :lol:

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 3:13 pm
by Mark
The problem is mostly from falling, not that I really know exactly what happens at impact (probably dont want to either :) ) but it feels like I catch most of my weight on the leg loops, and not on the my waist? (hence the bruising - maybe I must just lob myself backwards when I fall :shock: ) Sitting is generally uncomfortable (lack of bloodflow - but no bruising)

By the way I use (they have a 30 day money back trial period :lol: )

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 3:18 pm
by Mark
No ways, there really is a link like that :lol:

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 4:18 pm
by The Jimmy
Hey Mark, I've been using a BD Momentum AL harnass for a while now and I'm super chuffed with it! I agree with African Climber, I guess in the end it comes down to personal preference, but I'll forsure recommend the BD's. The one I have is well padded with no excessive frills and I haven't had any trouble from hanging in it for long or taking a lot of falls. Best of all: they seem to be a bit cheaper than of the other brands :P