what a joke(r)

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what a joke(r)

Postby shorti » Fri May 16, 2008 11:01 pm

ok i just need to rant and rave (er lets leave the rave and just rant) a bit. I was home alone packing for tonquani and went from chuffed to gruffed in 2 seconds flat. Thanks mister fancy french rope company for giving me \"nice\" rope bags with my ropes, but they are really crap. The one zip came right off and the other bag ripped to shreds. Maybe I am a little rough but I'm a climber for pete's sake, make stuff that will last. And that middle marker - please... it's not even near the middle. Ok the one rope is fine. O well I guess I'll get over it, on the bright side I now have a rope bag with two \"zipps\" and another without even one. :roll: ok i feel better now

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