Slopers! A pain in the.....

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Slopers! A pain in the.....

Post by JonoJ » Fri Jan 26, 2007 4:13 pm


Hey all you sick sloper guru's! What am I doing wrong??

When cranking on slopers (and open hand crimps), I experience pretty hectic pain in the top part of my wrists.

I've been concentrating on relaxing the hands to get maximum skin contact, and getting my weight below the hold... to no avail. Seems that it's not a lack-of-strength issue, as I'm sure, with the effort I've put in over the last few months, they should've strengthened by now.

Are there any other techniques to help crank slopers more comfortably? or,
Is this normal, and everyone just grins and bears it?
Am I just not predisposed to cranking on slopers?

Any help will be muchos appreciated!


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