Roc Rally 2006 - Waterval Boven

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Roc Rally 2006 - Waterval Boven

Post by Gustav » Tue Aug 01, 2006 1:25 am

As of today, 1 August 2006, registration for the 4th official 'Boven Roc Rally is now open.

The rules should be roughly the same as last year, we were actually thinking of doing the comp this year for the girls only and get the guys to make tea, carry packs and belay. The sponsors were not so keen though.

There have been requests about trad climbing, other scoring systems, bigger parties etc. Remember, this event is for us as climbers to get together and have maximum fun - on AND off the rocks. Thanks for all the feedback from the last 3 years. Keep the suggestions coming.

There were some climbers that wanted to get involved in part of the sponsorship stuff. We give each climber a goodie-bag upon entry that contain freebees, special offers and discount/gift vouchers form sponsors. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you or your company want to make use of this or if you have R100 000 lying around so that we can put the event on TV.

So, you have 7 weeks left to get your tendons, diet and psyche sorted for what the End of the Universe has to offer. Don't forget to register early (registration will be limited to only 250 entrants and closes at midnight on Friday, 15 September).

Good luck out there

PS: We are working on the site, so if the .com site seems broken or lacking, try
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