2nd hand gear request

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2nd hand gear request

Postby Anonymous » Tue May 30, 2006 11:53 pm

:cry: Help!!! I live in Ukraine. In our country very much there are the not enough shops of equipment for rock-climbers and alpinists, therefore in these shops all goods it is very expensive price. Climbing and mountaineering in our country very poorly developed from the expensive price to equipment. I organized the club of mountaineering and climbing for all, who dreams to go in for mountaineering and climbing. My problem it shortage of the equipments and wear (or shoes) for this type of sport. Buying the equipment is very expensive. Middle earn in our country about 50 dollars in a month. If you have the old and unnecessary equipment (gear), wear, shoes (all about mountaineering and climbing), will give a present please to our club. Send to address: country Ukraine, city Odessa, zip code 65058, prosp. Shevchenko 10/4, flat 49. Sergey Marchenko. Please help.

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