Competition Wall Budget Quote

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Competition Wall Budget Quote

Post by Franz » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:01 pm

Ermelo Mountain Club is getting close to securing an indoor venue at a secondary school that has enough space, and is high enough. Monday I will see someone in this regard, but I need my ducks in a row.

I am looking for those experienced in the art of competition wall construction to PM me a budget quote (supply and build) as follows:

A. Minimum requirements - Smallest wall that can keep minds occupied
A.1. Design, and Formal design review from Structural Engineer (note, such a person writes Pr.Eng or similar behind his/her name) to make sure the wall doesnt kill anyone
A.2. S&T (Subsistance and travelling)
A.3. Boulder Wall
A.4. Sport climbing wall (for lead and top rope)
A.5. Holds for both boulder and sport walls (qty & avg price per hold)

B. THE FULL MONTY - competition wall that will make the SANCF smile
B.1. Design, and Design review (same as above)
B.2. S&T
B.3. Boulder wall
B.4. Sport climbing wall
B.5. Holds (see A.5. above)

C EquipmentIf you are in the game, you are welcome to give an indication of what equipment you feel is needed, and quantity. EMC already has some equipment, but this could be a good sanity check for us.

D Short description motivating us that you have the skill and capability to perform, and references (if any)
Under each item give a brief description, and price.

If we are successful at securing a venue, and if we can raise the necessary funds we will invite those that sent a budget quote to tender.

I need a response by Friday, close of business please.

Final note: Please do not feel that we will hold you to your exact price if invited to tender. We understand there are many things that can change. But please give us realistic figures. We will collect funds based on the info supplied by you, and if you budget low you will find out that we do not have enough money available come tender time.

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