Ram Mountaineering Warehouse clearance sale

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Ram Mountaineering Warehouse clearance sale

Post by simonL » Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:45 pm

Ram Mountaineering Warehouse clearance sale :jocolor:

Ram Mountaineering will be running a “Warehouse Clearance Sale” to be held next week - 23 Jan to 27th Jan. This sale will be used to sell :
• End of line / discontinued product lines
• Shop soiled items (e.g. where packaging has been destroyed or we have replaced and repaired the item)
• Sample items – product that we have brought in to look at, but decided not to launch

Unlike previous sales, where we have opened the warehouse to the public to shop; this time we are going to run the sale through http://www.on-the-edge.co.za. For details of how the sale will operate, please visit : http://www.rammountain.co.za/news/The%20Edge%20Sale.pdf

We have selected this methodology for a couple of reasons :
• It allows the sale to be accessed by the whole market nationwide – not just folk in Cape Town
• it allows YOU to participate ! The market place allows you to post stuff that you want to sell at the same time ! You can list all product that YOU want to clear out on the market place at any time & find a bargain hunter to take your unwanted gear

Product that will be on sale includes :
• Black Diamond climbing harnesses
• Saltic rock shoes & boots
• Black Diamond back packs
• GSI cooking gear
• Black Diamond gloves
• e3Gear tents
• POE dry bags
• torches & headlamps
• Source hydration systems
• Source sandals

The sale goes live first thing on Monday morning – log on, or lose out ! :thumright
Enquiries : info@rammountain.co.za

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