Shoe repairs

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Shoe repairs

Post by lee » Fri Feb 03, 2006 4:43 pm


I'm sorry to see the Mat feels the need to vent his frustrations on a public
forum. However I'm pretty sure that most folk reading his tirade realise
that there is another side to the story. Ram Mountaineering would like to
offer our point of view.

Foot wear returns are always difficult due to two facts :
1. the manufacturing process is not a perfect art. Defects do occur &
products do sometimes require replacement
2. foot wear - particularly mountain boots & climbing shoes - are used in
very tough environments which are good at creating damage

These two issues always have to be balanced when assessing a return.

In the case of rock boots it is very common - as most experienced climbers
will attest - that a small gap can develop between the sole & the rand. This
occurs simply because the gluing is not an exact science & the extreme
pressure on the edging may weaken the bond right at the edge. In the vast
majority of cases this gap will not progress - it will remain a small
opening which has no impact on the performance of the shoes. As mentioned
this is very common & does not constitute a manufacturing defect.

However occasionally the gap will continue to develop & the sole will
gradually peel. In such a case the customer is obviously due some recourse.

In Mat's case the sole lift on the Vampirs is really small - approximately
1cm long and 2mm deep. The \"peeling\" is positioned on the back of the heel
where the sole meets the sling shot rand. When I picked up the shoes for the
first time I failed to even see it. With such a small problem we are not
able to determine whether in fact it is a defect or damage as a result of
pulling really hard on a heel hook.

We explained our difficulty to Mat & asked him to continue to use the shoes
& return them to us if - indeed - the sole lift does develop into peeling.
We did not say that we will not replace the shoes. We did say that we could
not determine where the lift was due to manufacture defect or use.

If it gets worse of course we will replace the shoes.

I hope this settles this topic!

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Post by scottnoy » Mon Feb 06, 2006 9:25 pm

Welcome to SA boy
I have had similar problems with distributors in the past and I've realized that it's the attitude there.
In the states everything revolves around service because they understand the concept of customer statisfaction. If you give a good service people will come back, if not, you loose that customer as simple as that.
And if branded BADLY you're f$%ked forever!

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