Access to Cederberg - Algeria Camp Site

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Access to Cederberg - Algeria Camp Site

Post by GeoffC » Thu Jan 12, 2006 12:49 pm

I believe that the Cedarberg is already accessible to too many visitors, if anything the CNC should be restricting visitors into the area, not trying to encourage more. If it is more revenue that they require, quite honestly they should rather increase the permit fees.

I have been an occasional visitor into the region since 1974, and have recently notice how the standards at the camp at Algeria have dropped off, particulary over the last 10 years. Many sites no longer have any grass, and the general maintainence around the campsites appears to be mis-directed.

Under previous managment structures, a number of sites were closed off after the Summer Holidays, and new grass was planted, and each year this process was rotated, to ensure that the quality of the camp was assured. But once again, the desire to full the camp each week, which is now the case, (verses 10 or more years, when you could just arrive and get a site), has left little or no time for the grass to recover.

Keep the number of visitors down, by charging more, thereby maintaining what was and could still be the most beautiful area in the Western Cape.

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