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Rocklands Top Ten

Post by Scotsman » Tue Jan 17, 2006 12:54 pm

I have just been contacted by a publisher from the UK who is putting together a representation of the best bouldering areas across the globe. Notably South Africa and more specifically Rocklands is on his list. He has specifically asked for a \"top ten\" boulder problems that sums up the area.

In producing a top ten boulder problems (yes I know there will be different opinions) you should consider the following aspects that warrant including the problem within your top ten - aesthetic appeal, purity of the line and quality of the moves (if you've done it) that add up to make an outstanding as opposed to great problem....obviously this is rather subjective but your help would be appreciated to obtain a vaguely representative sample of opinions.

Please don't restrict the list to 7a and above problems but rather consider all at all grades. Just to kick off here's a few that caught my attention:

Gliding through the Waves like dolphins,
The Rack,
Sunset Arete/Nutsa,
Ullan Batar,
Cedar Spine,
Tomorrow I'll be Gone,
Creaking Heights,
Armed Response,
Kingdom in the Sky,
John Denver,
Roof on Fire.

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Post by dom » Tue Jan 17, 2006 1:09 pm

With a bit of input from others, here's another list, in no particular order (I've been contacted by the same publisher):

(1) Pendragon
(2) Sunset Arete/Nutsa
(3) Creaking Heights
(4) Ulan Batar
(5) Cedar Spine
(6) Armed Response
(7) Rooi Klavier
(8) Kingdom in the Sky
(10) Question of Balance

Honourable mentions being Black Eagle, Tea with Tommy McBride, Cossack, the Teapot 7A and Sigi.
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