Rocklands Warning

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Rocklands Warning

Post by steveB » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:24 pm

I was surprised to read this strong language on Especially the closing paragraph. Are foreign climbers really trashing the Rocklands as suggested? Anyone know who posted this? I find the tone very offensive but also don't like the idea of losing an area because visitors are not following the rules...

If you are planning a climbing trip to Rocklands within the next year, please take note of the following post.

It has come to my and some other locals attention that there is a increasing amount of disrespect for the area and access arangements. Stories have arised about foreign climbers arguing with land owners about access, not sticking to allocated footpaths, littering and even taking a crap amongst the boulders. The Spanish climbers have a particulary bad reputation.

Let me make something very clear here. Rocklands and the whole Cedarberg area is a world heritage site. It is a area that needs intense conservation in order to preserve it for future generations. It is part of South African history and our very proud heritage.

THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED. If you can not stick to the rules and respect the area, stay in your country and go mess up your own areas.

The locals have taken note, and know who the usual culprits are. If you step out line, YOU WILL BE DEALT WITH. End of the story. ... pic&p=1731

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