Questionaire & free gear!!

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Andy Davies
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Questionaire & free gear!!

Postby Andy Davies » Tue Aug 16, 2005 10:06 am

Right now that I have your attention with the \"Free Gear\" subject:

The MCSA is regularly criticized by climbers for not doing much for climbing, but climbers do not have an alternative form of representation. So in order to find out exactly what climbers expect in terms of representation, I have put together a SHORT (ie 2 minutes) questionnaire at the following link on climbZA: I have compiled this questionnaire in my personal capacity with the help of climbZA. So if you would like to improve climbers representation then please make an effort to give us your opinion. If you are one of those climbers who is constantly whining about the MCSA - now is your opportunity to influence the way we are represented.

PS Seriously - there will be a lucky draw and two lucky respondents will win a Supernova headtorch (from RAM) OR a GeckoGrips Handboard or equivalent pack of grips.

Andy Davies

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