Strubens and the two motor bikes on sunday

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Strubens and the two motor bikes on sunday

Post by SilverBack » Mon Nov 13, 2006 11:08 am

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For those too \"relaxed\" to click the is the post. Click the link to see what the e-dirt riders think of this.

I went climbing with some friends at Strubens Valley yesterday morning. Near 9:00 in the morning...we hear 2 tweelies at the bottom. Now if anyone has been climbing there, they will know its a bit of a walk up to the rock faces.

The Mountaineering Club of SA has spent a lot of money and sacrificed their personal time making those paths for climbers and hikers to get up to the rock faces, and even more time looking after the general area. Apparently it is a wildlife reserve of some sorts too...
Anyways...these 2 guys on their bikes decided to ride up this path, and in the process landed up destroying it! They ripped out the wooden poles, rocks and stones laid on the ground to makes steps up the paths! Its now completely ruined thanks to these 2 guys

Im not going into details...but all that time, money and effort spent in building these paths and footways for the climbers and hikers, is now completely stuffed! We are very keen on the idea of looking after that area and preserving wont find one climber leaving rubbish behind like bottles or when something like this really, really pisses me off and the rest of the climbers.

Just wish I was quick enough to catch them! To whoever it was, use your head next time. That path was not created for your bikes! Have some compasion and common sense next time!

I for one feel thats this is totally unacceptable! :evil:
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