New Hot Rock climbing expedition announced

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New Hot Rock climbing expedition announced

Post by dunc101 » Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:33 pm


Take a Big Red specially converted climbing expedition vehicle with a 13 foot bouldering wall on the back.

Add 20-35 climbers from all over the world and head off around the globe developing new rock climbing areas and stopping at the best of the established ones. That's Hot Rock.

Other than existing guidebooks and our own bulging new routes book, we use climbing contacts and other local knowledge wherever we go to find and develop the very best crags.

Grade is less important than attitude. Are you up for adventurous, unguided climbing and exploring, across the remotest corners of the globe? On past trips we've put up new routes from Diff to E6 (12 to 31), so far as I can tell from the new SA gradings), and - according to local ethics - bolted from f5a to f8a. Routes range from single pitch to 1800m big walls. We've found lost prison mountains and discovered the DWS potential of lakes and cliffs around the globe. And because you can't always get Hot Rock - there's alpine kit on board for those new routes or big ticks above the snowline too.

You can join the truck from just £370 (R5000 or thereabouts) and for periods of time ranging from 3 weeks to 2 years.

Take a tour of to read accounts and see photos from climbing areas in over 50 countries.

And you can have a look at our upcoming expeditions too...

Africa '07: Nairobi to Cape Town

Trans Africa 07-08: Cape Town to Istanbul

The Silk Route 08-09: Istanbul to Singapore

Phone me on +44 (0)7812 086 099 for a dossier of what to expect on the forthcoming trips or just go to for all the info.

Dunc :D

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