Simon Vos dies in canoeing accident

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Simon Vos dies in canoeing accident

Post by Jonat » Thu Oct 19, 2006 1:30 pm

Some of you may know Simon Vos, a young and very competent rock climber and mountaineer from Cape Town. He moved to Australia about 5 years ago and completed his degree in materials engineering there. As all his friends know only too well, he was a remarkable young man.

He died last Saturday (14 Oct) in a canoeing accident on a river in New South Wales when he was sucked into a syphon and drowned.

Jonathan Levy

If anyone wants to communicate with his family, they can be reached at :

His close relatives in South Africa may be contacted at :

The note from his parents to all his friends is set out below :

We would like you all to know that our very dear son, Simon, died on Saturday at 1.20 pm whilst kayaking with friends in NSW. He was doing what he loved best, enjoying life to the full, following one of his outdoor pusuits. Going down a rapid, a vortex sucked him in and there was nothing that any one could do to save him. He would have turned 25 on 16 December. Mark is home with us and it was he who broke the news to us. We are so lucky that he is with us.

Simon was an extraordinary human being. He had such a great enthusiasm for life, was passionate about nature and outdoor pursuits, and was able to touch so many lives in a very personal way. Whether it be his university studies or the practical hands activities that he did, he gave them his all. He was so good natured and was able to achieve in his life what most of us don’t manage to achieve in a long life time. We can only honour him and his life and we will miss his wonderful presence. We are lucky to have been his parents.

What we wish is that we all carry with us in our hearts this same joy for living that Simon always had and live our lives to the full each day.

We are in a state of shock but we wanted you all to know as soon as possible.

With our love

Rob and Sue

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