Rocklands hitlist....

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Rocklands hitlist....

Post by diet » Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:57 am

Hi guys. Travelling to rocklands in December. Only got a week there and am looking for advice. Would love to know the best problems to do going up to the 7b level. To maximise my time. Please send me your must do problems lists.
Would be much appreciated....

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Re: Rocklands hitlist....

Post by NickT » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:11 am

Hey Diet

Sho bro, picking a hot time of year to hit up the land of rock. I'm sure plenty of night climbing is going to be in order.

Classics by area in my honest opinion are as follows...

Around De Pakhuys (Plateaux, Fields of Joy, Dihedral etc)
Girl on my mind 6B+
Creeper 7A
Human Energy 7A
Poison Dwarf 7B
Minki 7B
Esoterrorist 7A
Sex Etiquette 6C/+
Maniac 7B (super classic but all slopers so be wise with conditions)
Kiesl 7A (same as above)
Dirty Lies 7A+/7B
Sneak 6C

The Pass (Roadcrew, Roadside, Fortress etc..)
Orange Heart 6C (more like 7A but an old school sand bag should stay as it is)
Demi Lune 6C
A Question of Balance 7B
Schwupp 7A+
The Venerable Yorgi 7A
Colin The Librarian 7A
Sunset Traverse 7A
Secret to Olive's Preserve Cupboard 7B (direct is 7A)
Un pincon d'herbes arete 6C+ (incredible)
Mary's Roof 6B+
When the day breaks 7B

Campground, Riverside, Champside, Teagarden
Baboon Sumo 7B
John Denver 7A
Fakir of Ipi 7A
Teapot 7A
Up the Spout 6A+
Use Your Rudder 6C+
Ron-Ron Dyno 6C
Ron-Ron Diagonal 7A

There's a whole shitload more down at 8 Day Rain and Sassies but those areas are by far the hottest so I wouldn't recommend heading there unless you're particularly keen on highballs (sassies...). Finders Keepers and Silky Natural are cool 7A's at 8 Day Rain.

Hope you luck into some not 40C weather while you're there ;)

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Real Name: dieter rohrs

Re: Rocklands hitlist....

Post by diet » Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:00 pm

Awesome, thanks mate.
Ya I reliese its a bad time, but I only get leave then.
Doing a western Cape Road trip. Hitting oudtshoorn for a week, rocklands and surtounds then Cape peninsula for last week.
Mix of sport, trad and bouldering, gonna break our selves.
Thanks for the indeepth reply.
Much appreciated.

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