Struben's Route Guide: iPhone App

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Struben's Route Guide: iPhone App

Post by tonys » Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:57 pm


The iPhone version of the Struben's Valley Route Guide app is done (yay) - with many thanks to Lucy and Ellen and Nicole who all tested it for me (and to Lucy who let me use her photo's for the splashscreen.

If you'd like to install it, the iTunes link is: ... 60452?mt=8

(or just search for 'strubens'). It's really an iPhone app (and is only listed under the iPhone apps in the AppStore) but is useable on an iPad. This is a first release and is still fairly basic, but I've been promised zooty sketches so the next version will be a little prettier :-). Now for Bronkies and Choss and then there's the tablet optimised versions and Boven and, and, and .... guess I'll be doing this for a while yet :-).



P.S. if you missed the Android announcement a while back, the Android version is available on Google Play ... g.strubens

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