Redhill break-ins

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Redhill break-ins

Post by NickT » Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:57 pm

Hi all
Just a word of warning to those looking at bouldering at the redhill main area (vajra, vanilla sky, mushroom). Two cars from our group yesterday were broken into at the parking lot (the parking lot just off the road i.e. the turn off to the navy base) for the main area yesterday, and according to the police a third car was also broken into. Luckily not much was stolen as there was not much in the car (ours at least, but I do not know about the other car....), but the hassle, admin, and costs involved with a break in are always frustrating! Anyway, I think it would either be best to park next to the house there (we were told to by the owner as he was leaving, and tried to..but, a very very vicious staffie prevented us from doing so by attacking the tyres of our car). It seems as though there is a group of people simply just breaking into cars there, no matter if there is anything valuable in the car or not. Either opportunism, or simply malicious vandalism! The other options for accessing these areas if you do not feel like dealing with a vicious dog is to park at the coppermine parking and take a little longer of a walk. BUT, if you do this please do not compromise the sensitive access of the area by trying to take a short cut through the wetland area. There is a perfectly good and well marked path to follow, and if you use your noggin you should find your way easily.
Nick Telford

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