TMNP Meeting

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TMNP Meeting

Postby GClamp » Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:48 am

Hi All

I saw this morning, on the MCSA newsletter, that there was a meeting in Fish Hoek. The meeting was with TMNP and was for all affected user groups.

I was unfortunately away and only got back late last night. I was wondering if anyone attended the meeting and if anything was discussed regarding climbing in TMNP.


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Re: TMNP Meeting

Postby Justin » Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:45 pm

Here is a vague (but positive) response to your question :)

It seems The City is (slowly) waking up to the fact that much of what TMNP is doing, in terms of activity permits and other initiatives, are not in the spirit of the original agreement (contract) with them.

Representatives from the Council listened to issues reported by various ‘user’ bodies, recorded these and have agreed to put together an action oriented project to deal with these. They will approach the necessary national governmental bodies by way of the Mayor’s office in an effort to engage with SANParks in a positive manner.

If we all stick together and create a representative body again – with The City’s full backing – perhaps we can reengage with TMNP/SANParks to achieve mutually beneficial solutions.
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Re: TMNP Meeting

Postby GClamp » Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:22 pm

Cheers Justin thanks for the response :thumright

I would really have liked to attend, unfortunately saw it to late and wasn't home anyway.

The feedback seems positive and I am glad to hear that the city is standing up to TMNP's practices. They (TMNP) really have become a law unto themselves, especially with the many ridiculous permitting systems they have.

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Re: TMNP Meeting

Postby robertbreyer » Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:20 am

Some background: The land that makes up TMNP is mostly owned by the City of Cape Town. Around 19998, the City and SANParks signed a long-term agreement for SANParks to manage this Park. The agreement is renewed on a regular basis. It's up for renewal.

The City is getting input from its constituents (the residents and voters of CT) on how the Park is doing.

Hence a meeting about TMNP. They weren't represented. 9 current or former City of Cape Town Councillors were there. A helluva turnout that showed how important the Park is to the City.
The meeting was chaired by Councillor Belinda Walker, a former mayor.

The meeting was really for representatives of the different stake holders and user groups of or in the Park. To provide feedback to the City on how we feel the Park is being managed.

These users were represented via various organisations: Dog walkers, surfers, kayakers, hikers, climbers, bikers, paragliders, environmentalists, conservationists, trail runners, snorkelers, fishermen, heritage conservationists, and probably a dozen more.

The Mountain Club of SA represented us climbers extremely well. we probably had more representatives there than any other user group:

Greg Moseley,former chair, TMNP Forum head
Martin Hutton-Squire, gencom ccess
Brian Lambourne, current chair
Richard Sherry, access sub-com
Belinda Oosthuizen, gencom and Communications
yours truly, Robert Breyer, gencom and Expeditions
(Delaney Carpenter, MCSA rock sub-com wasnt able to make it but most of the other MCSA folks climb so we climbers had a voice that actually far outnumbered are actual percentage of users in the Park).

The session was basically one long gripe session about how SANParks aren't doing their job.
One of the prominent issues is fees. TMNP can't impose or change fees without the City's approval, and they have been doing so unilaterally for years now.

TMNP reports to SANParks in Pretoria, and there seems to be a clear lack of accountability to the other stakeholders in the Park, the City of Cape Town and it's residents.

The next step is a meeting with the City Mayor, Patricia de Lille, and the Minister overseeing SANParks, which is the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa. And from what I could tell that meeting isn't going to be pretty.

FYI, mountain bikers, who outnumber us climbers about 1000:1 in TMNP, have had to form an MTB Forum because the park was tired of dealing with 30 different clubs. They had 1 representative present.

- Robert

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Re: TMNP Meeting

Postby XMod » Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:40 pm

Thanks for filling us in Robert.

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Re: TMNP Meeting

Postby GClamp » Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:16 am

Thanks for the update Robert .... Seems quite positive :thumright

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Re: TMNP Meeting

Postby Warren G » Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:07 am

Thanks for the Report Robert!

Do you think Mountain bikers weren't there because it was badly advertised or lack of leadership from them?

I still think the MCSA could encompass mountain bikers and other mountain users, but this would not be through the current MCSA people, but rather using mountain bikers under the MCSA umbrella. Bikers are a major market for the club, and most members ride anyway. The club has enough pedigree to do them justice. I say this more so in context of their lack of leadership.

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Re: TMNP Meeting

Postby robertbreyer » Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:11 pm

@Warren. Bikers were there. Robert Vogel from Table Mountain Bikers.
"1 representative present".
and no i dont think MCSA and bikers will mix.
MCSA has enough on it's hands as it is.
important in life to "stick to your knitting".

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