Silvermine crag closure 2007?

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Silvermine crag closure 2007?

Post by Brent » Wed Oct 03, 2007 10:08 am

This is just a headsup at this stage.

I have been informed that the Kestrels that nested at Main Crag last year are expressing interest in the same real estate. If they do indeed nest here again, we would be required to give them a bit of space in which to raise their chicks in peace.

I am negotiating with the Raptor people and SANParks as to whether we really need a full ban on climbing at the whole crag, or just a part of it. I'd prefer to see the latter. However, if the birds nest, and it is felt that it is important to grant them the peace and quiet of the whole crag, when we should respect this.

The necessary signage will be put in place if need be.

I know it's a bit of an irritation to have such a great venue closed (if it needs to be), but it would only be for a short time. Besides, it is fantastic to be able to share our crags with these amazing hunters, and we should respect the fact that there are not that many potential nesting sites in this highly populated part of the world.

Will keep you updated.
Brent Jennings

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