you've been had

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Dave Vallet
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you've been had

Post by Dave Vallet » Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:21 pm

Matterhorn glacial retreat shifts borders?

So if you’re not giggling already!
I am not a geologist, but I do know that the Monte Rossa massive which extends itself to the Matterhorn is indeed a high mountain glacial area and creates the border between Italy and Switzerland. However, I believe you'll find that under all of that snow and ice, there is rock.
To add, glacier melt occurs below the snow line, were the ice is exposed to the suns radiation, the top of the Matterhorn and Monta Rossa is not were the ice is melting, rather were it is accumulating and slowly flowing down the mountain.

So, being quite satisfied with the fact that the Matterhorn has not recently moved and caused a border dispute in the European Alps. I can satisfactorily say it's a fool’s day joke.
But who's joke is the question?
Being posted on on the 2nd of April clearly vindicates them as the culprit, they are the fools.
Sorry Justin and Rikki, you've been had, but not entirely in a fair way.
As supersport posted the article at 17:14, which is, as I understand the fools day rules, too late for a joke. (Mornings only).
So I might have to declare SuperSport as the real fools.
but, who fooled them ?
Shameless picking on a 3rd world cricketing nation.

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Re: you've been had

Post by Justin » Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:31 pm

Well spotted Dave :D
I didn't pick it up.... simply linked through to it today!
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