Route guide abreviations

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Route guide abreviations

Postby RyanKarate » Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:51 pm

Hi guys,

Starting to get more into trad and find myself reading loads of route guides getting stoked on what to climb next, but need some clarification on some abreviations used... For example

LET IT BE 19,A2 (G1,M2) [N]

Let it be - name of climb
19 - grade
A2 - aid moves grade
G1 - old rsa grading?
M2 - ????
[N] - Natural gear placements i.e. Trad???


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Re: Route guide abreviations

Postby BAbycoat » Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:08 am

Let it be - name of climb >> YES
19 - grade >> YES
A2 - aid moves grade >> YES
G1 - old rsa grading? >> YES
M2 - >> "Mechanical" grade - i.e. old aid grading.
[N] - Natural gear placements i.e. Trad??? YES

19/A2 equivalent to G1/M2. I suspect the route was graded G1/M2 back when it was opened.

M and A grades (in SA) are approximately equivalent. The States also uses C for Clean aid.

Don't confuse South African M with Australian M (also aid, different scale) or M for Mixed (rock and ice - of which there is little in SA).

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