Good Climbing books in my opinion

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Good Climbing books in my opinion

Postby Drifter » Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:23 am

\"Go Climb with live action dvd coaching Nigel Shepherd\"

\"Rock Climbing Handbook by Outward Bound\"

\"Rock Climbing: A Practical Guide to Essential Skills - Techniques and Tips for Successful Climbing for Beginners and Expert Advice on How to Climb, Where to Climb and How to Do it Safely, Shown Step-by-step in 320 Action Photographs.\"
Author Nigel Shepherd

SAFE Climbing and Camping in South Africa by Roy Preedy

These books are supplements to practical instruction by an experienced climber.

You must always verify information people tell you about climbing and always check everything yourself as even some experienced climbers choose to take short cuts or not do things by the book and anybody can make mistake as well so that is why you and climbing partner/s always check yourselves and each other.

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